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Compare the Top Virus Scan Apps

Compare the Best Virus Scan Tools

When it comes to antivirus scanners, only the best will do. You don’t want to leave your system unprotected in this day and age, it’s a recipe for disaster. Having adequate security for your computer or mobile device, online and offline is most certainly a must.

Below, you can compare and review the best virus scan applications on the market ordered by a range of criteria in order to help you make an educated and informed decision on which software to use.

The Top Virus Scan & Removal Tools 2018

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Aren’t all Virus Scanners the same?

Whilst most scanners, certainly the top solutions provided by reputable and well known vendors do essentially do the same thing. Sure, some are quicker at updating with the latest virus definitions and patterns but it’s fair to say that most will do a solid job at protecting you from most known threats. Although this is the Internet, new viruses are being created and deployed on virtually a daily basis so whichever virus scan app you go with you’re going to need to make sure that it is kept up to date at all times. The list of the top virus scan tools above is a good place to start if you want a solid solution for either your desktop machine or mobile.

Do these Virus Scan tools work with mobile devices?

Whilst we’ve only reviewed the list above on desktop computers (both windows and mac) all of them do come with mobile versions for your cell phone or tablet. Some however only offer such apps in certain formats so you’ll need to check with each software provider as to whether or not they offer Android, or iOS or both. You should also make sure that you’re choosing a provider who offers a mobile antivirus solution for your inclusive price. You shouldn’t need to pay extra for it.

Understanding Trojan Horses

One of the most infamous virus types we get asked about here on are Trojan Horses. If you’re not familiar with history, these malicious applications come disguised as something else with a with of tricking the recipient into opening them. Think your friend sending you a game or a funny video to watch. A trojan might be hidden in an attachment such as this and when you run it you may open up a backdoor allowing a hacker entry to your entire system. Once you’ve activated the trojan application, the hacker can see what you’re seeing. He can see what you’re typing, what’s on your screen and can even control your computer remotely. The only true way to protect against such threats is to install a virus scanner to scan files as you receive them. If you’ve received an attachment in the past, tried to open it and nothing happened, it’s quite possible that the attachment was a virus and you should scan your system immediately.

All apps offer :-

  • Virus Detection
  • Malware Protection
  • Trojan Horse Cleaning
  • Adware Removal
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Multi-OS Versions
  • Ransomware Blocking
  • Background Scanning
  • Live Updates
  • Spyware Blocking

What is AdWare and How to Protect Yourself

Adware in short is software which hijacks your computer, usually your browser and forces you to view the ads it serves. It doesn’t do any damage to your computer such but having advertisements pop up randomly and having third party ads change on the websites you’re viewing can be a huge annoyance. Adware often comes “bolted on” to software which you knowingly install. If you’ve downloaded a free app or sorts or even installed a free browser extension etc then the chances are it may have been bundled with adware. This is how/why software firms offer their applications for free. They might be free to you in a monetary sense but you’ll pay the price by having to view intrusive ad after intrusive ad. The only sure fire way to protect yourself and remove all adware from your system is to install a reputable virus scan application.

Why compare tools?

  • Get Free Trials
  • Only Top Solutions
  • Find Free Software
  • Discounts and Deals
  • Find Compatible Apps
  • Reputable Software
  • Trusted Reviews
  • Find Cheap Services

Which Removal Apps do you feature?

Our site features the 10 best anti virus scanners on the market currently. All of the applications and software featured is well reviewed and highly rated on any comparison site you will come across. We only feature well known and reputable anti virus companies so you can be sure whichever provider you choose they’ll do a top job at protecting and securing your system.

Why do I need to compare such software?

Comparing any product or service is important. Especially when there are lots of companies and solution providers out there offering effectively the same thing. You need to be sure that you’re buying a product which will not only protect you from hackers, crackers and computer viruses but also a tool that is compatible for your system and devices. You also don’t want to be paying more than you need to so comparing price is also important. That is where sites like can help you. We’ve compared all of the top applications around to make picking out a virus scan removal tool a breeze! is a privately owned independent virus scanner review website. We're not owned by any of the providers we feature and any scoring, ranking or review content is in no way biased towards one particular provider. Some of the providers that are featured on our website do pay us for referring customers to them by way of affiliate commissions. This however does not cost you anything extra, the price is the same regardless. For more info please contact us and we will get back to you.